Serene Life Outdoor Bug Zapper Trap


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Eliminates unwanted bugs & pests
Integrated UV light attracts insects
Eco-friendly with no harmful chemicals
High-voltage electric pest control
Hassle-free operation with simple turn-on control
Doubles as an air purifier that sterilizes & deodorizes
Extra-wide coverage area
Rugged & durable construction
Marine-grade weather-resistant housing
Can be places on tables flat surfaces or in stand mount
Built-in fan draws pests inward
Ultra-quiet operation
Easily removable waste bucket tray
Perfect for porch deck yard patio & garden
Indoor or outdoor use
30W power
Covers over 1300 sq ft
120V power supply
Dim: 39.3&#34
H x 11.8&#34
W x 12.6&#34
Includes stand mount